The Butternut And Blue Cheese Risotto debacle…

It all started with a crazy drunken purchase of three bottles (well, buy 2 get one free) of Arabella Sauvignon Blanc at this year’s Wine on the River festival in Robertson. While browsing Woolies and later PnP for inspiration for dinner last night, nothing jumped out and said ‘Pick me! Make me!’ Remembering a half drunk bottle of Arabella in the fridge, naturally a risotto seemed the best thing to make. These days, I’m rather proud of my mushroom risotto and thought a variation to the recipe would be welcomed at the Heights. And so, as I passed the cheese section (of which there are two at Gardens PnP) I remembered an old recipe I’d picked up at the entrance of Sainsbury’s in London last year and shoved into my recipe book. (Note to self: should really file things properly in that recipe book) Blue cheese and Butternut Risotto.

Now for those foodies who know… perhaps the idea of combining these two ingredients screams “No”. But for me, the fact that the recipe was endorsed by good old Jamie O convinced me that this would be a winner. The fact that the recipe was part of the campaign ‘feed your family for a fiver’ didn’t necessarily bother me either. Yes, all the warning signs were there, but instead I bought blue cheese, butternut and smiled at the thought of finishing off that half bottle of Arabella without actually having to drink it.

I once ate a delicious butternut risotto at Piccolino in London. Besides the small piece of plastic I found in the meal, it was undeniably worth returning for (ofcourse we never did… but that’s typical isn’t it?). This experience, and all other factors pointing to how successful this meal would OBVIOUSLY be (yes, Jamie.. I mean your endorsement) led me down the road of creating a disasterous meal. Kindly polished off by my husband (sometimes I wonder if he just eats anything?!) and leaving my stomach turning. Thank heavens for the salad.

If you’re crazy enough to want to try it for yourself. Here’s the recipe

Butternut Risotto


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