Stand for something

Western Province WednesdayIf you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Apparently that’s a famous saying. Today is one of those days I’d like to know what I stand for. While I do love my white shorts I’m sporting today, I usually don’t team them with the very blue top I have on. So why did I today? Because its WP Wednesday, didn’t you know? Don’t worry – you not alone. Apparently I’m the only one who knew in my office (and that’s thanks only to my trusty Echofon app that feeds me tweets all day long). I don’t usually get amped about rugby. I actually don’t even usually watch it! I actually don’t even know who plays for WP! You see, the last time I watched a rugby game and knew the names of players, was back in 1995 and Joel Stransky was our boy! But yet, I’m the one in the colours, having friendly (I hope) banter on twitter about the Sharks v WP game on Saturday.

Adding fuel to this standing for something fire, I bought a bottle of mineral water at lunch today. Dax (from RelaxwithDax) is often going on about how water in SA is perfectly acceptable to drink and that its all a marketing ploy (or at least, I think that’s what his point is.. either way, there’s a lot of tweeting on this matter!). I have to agree with that (and all other points made on the topic). But I honestly bought it because I don’t like to use the same plastic bottle for more than 2 weeks and I like to be able to drink from a bottle at the gym and at work (8 glasses a day!) So today, I feel like I don’t stand for anything really, I’m just a marketers dream. A marketers dream attempting a career in Marketing. I wonder if this is going to end well…



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