Tips for Thailand

My friend Cheryl and her boyfriend Sven are heading to South East Asia for 9 blissful weeks of travel. Having spent three months there at the end of last year, I thought I’d share my tips with her – without taking the fun away of discovering it all for herself.

So here goes:

1. Remember to say no to drugs, tuk tuk’s and suit/gem shops.

2. Say no to Surat Thani wherever possible.

3. Say yes to public transport including trains, the public (not tourist) boat and especially the public (not tourist operated) bus.

4. Say yes to Singha beer and no to Chang Beer (don’t suffer a Changover). Say yes to sunscreen and no to Tongsai on Phi Phi. (YUK) (head straight to Long beach for bliss)

5. Buy as many bikini’s as humanly possible in Khoa San Road and get to the Weekend Market. You will not regret it.  (Rather at the end of the trip so that you don’t have carry all your possessions around).

6. Say yes to Pad Thai from street vendors in Bangkok, and get into the back streets of Koh Tao for great sandwiches!

7. Enjoy fresh fruit at every opportunity. Buy your mosquito spray from 7-11 in Bangkok. The UK stuff does NOT work!

Finally, watch a sunset on Railay West. It is unbelievable.

Did I miss anything?

Thailand tips


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