Kelvin Grove, a gentlemen’s club?

When I was a little girl, my dad belonged to a member’s only club called Kelvin. For a while I thought Kelvin was a person, Grove being his surname. I’m an older girl now (yes, that 30 mark is fast approaching) and my dad is still a member, as is… a lot of people my age it seems.

As I was saying though… as a young girl I believed Kelvin to be this elite gentlemen’s club, that was only visited on very very special occassions. The first occasion for me, was after my sister was married in 2000 (ok, exagerationon my part. I know I went there as a kid, but can’t remember the details). I remember this ‘first’ occassion mostly because I was most definitely the only single person at the table (and reminded of it now that sis was hitched) and also because I had been eating student varsity food for a year. Fancy dinner out. I  still remember the combination of parma ham and melon so well. (slight risk of using nom nom here…)

After I was married in 2008 (two years ago.. time is flying!), we followed a tradition it would appear and went along for dinner there again. I can’t remember what I had, just that we were treated like we were special, we drank champagne and were blissfully happy.

For my mom’s birthday on Tuesday, we went to Kelvin again. (Oh, I should probably add at this point that I’m talking about the Terrace, and not the Barn. Sheesh! I said special occassions). It was SUCH a nice experience.  Service so friendly it made us feel like regulars (even though, quite clearly, we’re not) and possibly one of the most interesting menus I’ve ever read. By interesting I’ll give you an example:

Grilled line fish with risotto filled calamari tubes, prawns & chorizo on white wine chicken velouté (R108).

Not that I had that. I couldn’t bring myself to be so daring.

What I did have was:

Crisp prawn cigars on avocado marble, scallops enhanced with Asian aromatics & a corn & cherry tomato salsa & peppadew emulsion (R48) for starters. Brilliant. I could’ve eaten a main meal of it.

and Roast pork fillet wrapped in bacon on butternut, turmeric apples & cashew nuts (R72) for main. The apples really making the meal.

Making up for the serious lack of adventurous spirit of the three of us who had the pork, my dad stepped in and ordered the Boned quail with boerewors filling (huh?) on sweet potato & wilted greens with green peppercorn sauce (R72). He loved it. Triangle plate and all.

The food wasn’t exceptional out of this world type, but it was very good.  The wine (as the Springfield Whole Berry always is) was great (R180). Now if you’ve haven’t already noticed… look at those prices!? For all its ‘elitist’ (read: snob) status I always assumed it had, charging R10 for a cappucino (even if they didn’t know what a flat white is) is a steal, as are the other prices mentioned.

Whenever we do fancy dinners, I try not to think of the bill at the end and think of it more as an occassion that mr MasterCard will just have to handle. Gratefully, dad’s membership meant he took care of the bill (thanks dad!) and even still, it wasn’t really a dent so much as a tiny ding and a lovely way to celebrate another occassion.


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