I just like niceness

Which isn’t really a word (although perhaps it is after a quick google search).

But I do like really nice things – food, décor, luxury hotels, fancy spas, cars, shabby chic coffee shops and especially nice restaurants. What defines a nice restaurant these days for me is a combination of things really – nice décor, nice food, nice service. (And so ends the use of the word nice as it gets rather annoying after a while.)

After reading a review about Brio 1893, I knew it would meet my expectations on being a nice top place to dine. The only thing that put me off slightly were the pictures on the web showing a (very) well lit almost canteen looking restaurant. Anyway, willing to give it a chance and noting a fantastic ‘ladies night’ special (50% off meals on Wednesday for lady only tables), I booked a table for 3 for Wednesday night.

Driving around the corner from Wale onto Adderley Street, I noticed the red carpet scattered with rose petals and the doorman dressed in black waiting to welcome me. While I suddenly regretted the jeans I had on and wished I had added some bling, I felt special. And I hadn’t even parked yet.

Welcomed by spectacular chandeliers, high ceilings, indulgent furniture and decor, the expression I carried across the wooden floors to my table of girls probably screamed ‘wow’. Already being charmed by the manager on duty, I took my place and we marveled at the luxurious interior of the old Standard Bank.  Two foodies, and one clothes-ies (is there a word for her?) ooh’d and aah’d at the menu before being taken on a tour of the vault. I was swept away with the possibility of all the wine racks filled with my favourite wines andwhat else the downstairs venue may bring eventually (apparently a club?).

As the jazz band with the gorgeous Abby on vocals filled the room, I crooned “I love this song” after every song… which I haven’t done since I was a student and the songs were more cheesy and less classy. And classy – the whole experience definitely was.

While not necessary the ideal spot for a ‘Ladies Night’ in the true sense of the words, I’m glad this special got me in the front door. I can’t stop thinking of the place since last week and plan to book a table for two to do it all over again, with the romance it deserves.

Brio1893 Review

On the Menu…

We ordered Deep Fried Camembert (R62) and Spinach and Feta Mushrooms (R49) to start, and to share. For mains, we had one Salmon (R138), one pork belly (R96) and for me… a carpetbagger (R106). I’ve never ever had a Carpetbagger, it just sounds a bit too manly and I didn’t even see it when I first looked at the menu. The waiter suggested it and I’m so glad he did. Wow! We didn’t order any extra sides, and we didn’t need to.The girls had already ordered the Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc 2008 (R118) so I didn’t have much chance to look at the rest of the winelist. I’ll save that for when I return.


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