The best cappuccino

I used to love Starbucks. I had my order sorted (Tall skinny extra hot wet latte). I used to walk past three Starbucks between getting off the tube and getting to my office. I HAD to love starbucks at that rate. I  spent a lot of money at Starbucks.

I then moved back to Cape Town, and coffee-on-the-go is harder to come by here. Clearly, Because today I drove in the opposite direction of my office. Parked. Convinced a parking official I was only going to be five minutes. Walked into St John’s Piazza, and even managed a quick squizz at a cute skirt.

And then I ordered the best cappuccino in the world!

I LOVE W Cafe‘s Cappuccino’s. Love with a capital L.

ps. I’m not the only one who thinks its the best!

W Cappuccino
W Cafe
The Best Cappuccino... in the world!

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