Lunch in heaven

On Friday I was invited to lunch in heaven. Ok, not really. But the new Hemelhuijs in Waterkant Street has an array of playful blog posts written about its heavenly presence, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

Last weekend I walked straight past it on my BIG walk. I didn’t notice it, or any of the gorgeous little shops down that pedastrianised part of Waterkant street. Remember the fanwalk bridge (yes, the fanwalk I never walked… location, location, location) while its right there, city side.

When I used to think of heaven I imagined, puffy clouds and rainbows… maybe a harpist and lots of gold and white. Well thankfully Hemelhuijs is none of that and rather a sophisticated mix of charcoal walls, white floating shelves and unique ceiling art. AND delectable food.


I had the poached eggs, prosciutto, artichoke and hollandaisse sauce (R55) – yes, it was lunch meeting but with breakfast available all day I couldn’t resist a 1pm eggs benedict. My cuppa was strong and served in an interesting pottery cup with no handle. I liked it… I felt European.

The counter is strewn with beautiful cakes (or was it just those tall cake domes that I fancied) and fresh bread that the waiters were cutting to serve (even if we had to ask for it). Tap water was available with no offer of still or sparkling, thankfully. By 1.30 the place was packed, and I hear this is the trend.

My only niggling disappointment about the ‘House of Joy’ (the dutch translation of Hemelhuijs) is that they don’t do muffins or croissants or anything smaller than the meals on the menu (all of which are under R90 btw). As much as my meal was delicious, when you have to head back to the office after lunch, sometimes smaller is better…Needless to say, it was ‘maagie vol, oogies toe’ for me!

ps. visit Hemelhuis Monday – Friday 8h00 – 15h00.  Saturday 9h00 – 15h00. (021)  418-2042


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