The showering of Baby M {part 1}

I was just getting used to weddings. Well in all honesty, I love weddings, but I was just getting used to everyone getting married.

I love the excitement of engagement parties, the girly fun of hen nights and kitchen tea’s and the romance of the special day.  I love the fact that everyone flies out from around the world to be together for the big day. Friends, champagne, happy times.

But these days, I’m dreaming in baby pink and pistachio green. A BABY shower. Yes… me, I am planning a B-A-B-Y shower for my wine loving friend, who has abstained from the grape for 33 weeks!

When I nominated myself to arrange the showering of baby M, I figured – how hard can it really be?

1. Make a guest list (easy, Mrs M’s friends)

2. Choose a venue (done, my folks house – big enough to host all Mrs M’s friends)

3. Get everyone to bring a plate of eats

Voila! Baby shower!

Until someone mentioned décor, and a theme… and I realised that this is not a hen party, because at a hen party you just get progressively more drunk until you inevitably land up at some club you haven’t visited since you were 22…

What exactly do you do at a baby shower?

So, I started with what I know. An inspirational mood board. More to follow…


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