The showering of Baby M {Part 2}: activities

Hen Parties, like Baby Showers (I guess) involve everyone focussing on the mother-to-be (bride-to-be) as she unwraps presents, answers questions or does ridiculous tasks set out by the organisers (or bridesmaids).

Mrs M isn’t the biggest fan of being the centre of attention, and on the upper ridge of the 20’s, I know she wouldn’t be a fan of the melted chocolate in a nappy game (who invented that game! gross) and all the millions of other games I’ve come across.

Unlike the hen party, she and a few others will remain sober (even if I take to the pink bubbles) and if you’re going to have memories from the day, lets make them special. Photos last a lifetime, but a baby doesn’t use photos. A baby uses babygrows! I came across this activity that I think was fitting for a classy baby shower.

The idea is to buy a number of plain white onesies, also known as babygrows, in different sizes and have everyone at the party personalise one as a take home gift for Mrs M. After a fair amount of research, I’ll be cutting fun, cute and girly stencil shapes out of freezer paper. Freezer paper can iron onto fabric (and be pulled off with ease). So each babygrow will have an ironed on shape and will be ready hanging on a line when the guests arrive. Everyone will tap into their creative side and use fabric paints to fill in the stencil shapes with coloured fabric paints!

The end result should look something like something like this (I hope):

Baby Shower - Unique BabygrowsBaby Shower - Onesies


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