Some things you just have to share

It started off as a fowarded email from a colleague today and it set off a fair amount of YouTube air time with even a few tears stinging my eyes. London advertising was at the best of times, horrific. Ads during day-time tele topping the list of the worst adverts ever created. There was nothing clever like the famous “BMW beats the Bends” ad that South Africa produced back in 1990, and hardly anything memorable in the 6 years we were there. That is, until T-mobile came along.

As music pumped through the Liverpool Street station’s loudspeakers, the sequence starts with first one, then hundreds of casual commuters dancing to an assortment of songs. Hidden cameras captured it all and the T-mobile, Life is for Sharing campaign was born.

The goosies (and happy tears) are because the songs are great, the location holds memories… and well, quite simply, this was a phenomenal (viral) advertising campaign.

Ps. I know you want to… watch the adverts that shook the South African world of advertising back in the ’90’s.

The original, Mercedez Benz ad, and BMW‘s very clever (although not ethical nor lawful)  response.


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