My love affair with La Mouette

Its been a hell of a month. I won’t lie. I claimed the title of possibly the worst wife in the world as December took off with a bang and I hadn’t bought a pressie for my husband’s birthday. You see, he’s been on about a fishing rod, and what do I really know about fishing? I did go to an amazing fishing shop, but talk about a fish out of water! That was terribly corny, and anyway, I’ve digressed completely. So back to the start of December…

La Mouette interiorI’d been dying to go back to La Mouette since experiencing their Winter Tasting Menu back in June (was it July?) and literally yelling about it from every social media platform I could. I claimed LM as my favourite restaurant ever and couldn’t wait for an opportunity to go back. The ‘Rolyats’ joined us for the start of Mark’s birthday weekend on 4 December. I really wanted to dine in the courtyard, and had hoped for a balmy evening… It seems that Cape Town is unable to deliver these, so instead we had a great table at the window in a different room to where we had sat previously. Unfortunately there was a private function at the upstairs bar, so we missed a pre-drink but instead took to our table ooh-ing and aah-ing the necessary amount (ok, perhaps I may have gone a wee bit overboard!) at the lush and sophisticated décor. It still impresses me, even if we had seen it all before.

It amazes me how brilliant Mari is! Besides the obvious of launching a restaurant (and planning a wedding simultaneously), she has created a loyal following, celebrated the twitterati, and used social media to La Mouette’s advantage creating a brilliant customer service experience when booking and dining at LM. Let me elaborate.  We arrived at our table to find a card addressed to Mark and I wishing Mark happy birthday with her apologies for not being there personally. Special! Mari also knows about my private obsession to drink champagne whenever possible, and Gerrit welcomed us with a glass of MCC that was the perfect touch to kickstart our weekend.

The food (and service!) was again, nothing short of superb. I was so excited to go back and have full sized portions of the what we had tasted in July. I started with Salt and pepper prawns, sweet corn puree, shaved radish, lime dressing and chorizo popcorn (R60) which was magic, although perhaps to small (or too yummy) to give even one bite away! We then all went on to have Beef sirloin, mash, oxtail, horseradish foam, mushroom tortellini and Bordelaise (R130). I have to be honest and admit I enjoyed this more the first time round in its ‘tasting’ size portion (and I’m also convinced it was different), but the rest of the table agreed that it was spectacular.

We took our own wine along (R50 corkage), not because the wine list isn’t reasonable (it is!) but rather because we have a wine rack of fantastic wines and we need to drink them on civilised occassions in order to appreciate them! (this is me, trying to be grown up and responsible). We started with the brilliant De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc and followed it with the (easy going) La Motte Sauvignon Blanc. Two bottles between four is never enough (don’t you know?) and we bought a bottle of Tokara. Ofcourse writing a blog post a month after the event and the consumption of the champagne and wine prior to this bottle of red means I have no recollection of what it was, or if it was good. I’m sure it was.

Dinner is an experience that not once disappoints. It was fantastic. The service and food was exceptional. I’m just looking for my next excuse to visit and indulge in my love affair with La Mouette.


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