Living the dream

If you didn’t have any responsibility in the world. If you weren’t accountable for anything. And if you didn’t need to work for money. What would you be doing?

If you didn’t have to study for it and or even if you did, but you knew you wanted it at the time.  If you hadn’t bought that house, had your kids, or got into the graduate programme that launched your career. If your biological clock wasn’t ticking and if you were your optimum age forever. What work would you do today?

I’d been thinking about my friend who, although had a brilliant career in front of her in South Africa, had a boyfriend and even a dog (although it actually was his) decided to give all of it up… to work on a yacht. She sails the Mediterranean and sends us hysterical updates of her life on board her new house. She loves it… and she’s almost 30.

Living on a yacht

My colleague and I were chatting and he mentioned that if he could, and only for a few days, he’d be a truck driver. He’d drive the ‘lorry’ on toll roads, pull over to the side of the road to catch some ‘zzzz’s’ and honk his horn (that sounded so American). When the question was reversed, I figured, if I could,  and only for a season, I’d work on the slopes. I’d snowboard for 3 whole months. Perhaps that would turn my obsession into some skill.

This isn’t a “if I had known better” or “if I had the guts” or even “if only I was younger” kinda thing. Its completely “if the world didn’t work the way it did and time could stand still and if I could be totally unrealistic in every way, what could I see myself doing?” thing…

And so my friends posted 27 comments on my facebook status when I asked them what they’d be doing if time stood still and nothing mattered. The answers, interesting. Some far-fetched dreams, others – really not so far-fetched.

Lizzie, my four months pregnant friend, launched the debate with announcing she’d sip cocktails and shop around the world. Both Melody and Lynne would like to be zoo keepers. Mel is actually a personal trainer and Lynne has always been in finance. They’re both moms now… I wonder if thats why they think they could handle the zoo!?

Dean shut us up for a while when he said he’d want to be a pilot…. He is a pilot.

Two travel journalists, a swimwear model, game ranger, a florist, a rockstar and a professional surfer came in. Until  my husband said he’d like to captain a yacht and asked me what I’d like. I think I’d have liked to captain a yacht too at that point. Or become a winemaker. I had meant to say “just drink wine all day!” as someone quickly corrected me that you don’t have to make it yourself to enjoy it! So I’d like to sit and drink wine on the yacht my husband is captaining.

There were a few realistic ones, whether or not they know it. Nicola, who has for as long as I’ve known her, would like to become a headline writer. For the Sun. Michelle, ever the perfectionist, would opt for a wine and food critic. Both Mich and Nic live in London, as part of the financial rate race. Their time will come when they retire early with all those £££’s and live their dreams. Trishy wants to own a boutique store, travel around the world to shop for things to go in it. This is something she’s always wanted. She’ll probably have a business plan in place before the end of the year and complete this goal by 2012. Thats how she rolls.

My sister would be an activist for South African musicians rights (yawn – she’s already a lawyer) or an author (result) … something I never knew about her.

My favourites though – Dean who would be a drug dealer (I don’t think he took the question seriously). Chris would be a pimp or plenipotentiary. Yes, I had to look it up. I’m sure he just wrote that because he knows how crap my vocab is.

And finally Taber would like a simple life of pushing the button that raises and lowers Tower Bridge.

Every time I think about what I’d like to be doing if I didn’t have to work to earn a living and if I wasn’t approaching the big three oohhh, my thoughts spiral to dreams of luxury resorts across the world, sipping champagne and watching the sunset aboard my yacht.

Where do your thoughts take you?

Season on the slopes


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