2011 and all that may happen

So its here, 2011 – the year after 2010… it actually arrived rather quickly and… apparently seems to be slipping away rather quickly too. Its half way through February and 9 days away from payday! sjoe, its going to be another close one.

So now that I’m officially Cape Townian, I’ve wined and dined, met new people and said “yes” to most invitations over the last year… what will 2011 offer?

Empty frames on a wall
If only my empty frames looked that stylish

Well to start, I hope I finally hang the photos on my wall. I’ve been in our flat for a year, just signed up for another year… and still I have a big blank wall waiting for pictures. Beats the other wall, that has empty frames up. This is goal number one. Its a small and achievable goal. I estimate by May it should be done.

I’ve been promising the talented Cheryl McEwan that her and I will ‘Rock my dress’. That is, my wedding dress. So goal number two involves some weight loss and a whole lot of training. The amount I want to lose fluctuates. As of today, its 3.6kgs.

I really want to try and cook more this year. Its hard, because I love a) eating out so much, and b) Woolworths. It also does form part of the next goal, saving money.

Saving money. Hmm, to buy a house. This is a long winded, I mean term, goal. The plan is to buy this year. But will we ever find something that matches our dreams. Someone, write me into their will and donate me a house!

All the things I love most – restaurants, food and wine. This year is taking a certain “saving money” theme, and so I have to make strategic monthly choices on where to eat. Once a month, I will book a new restaurant, and maybe return to an old one. Two outings a month. Ok, and maybe a breakfast, and a wine farm. I don’t see this working.

Nike+ sensor
Powersong please

Running. I hate it. I don’t see the point. And I don’t get why people do it. But I have to do it, to prove I can. So the goal is to run 5km straight, without breaking to walk, by the end of the year. A word of warning, I’ve had this goal for the last 3 years and never achieved it. Its just one of those things. I have however equipped myself with a Nike+ to track my runs and inspire me with powersongs. I’ll let you know how that goes.

As much as I love wine farming – its like wine-tasting but you go to see the farm too, I’m not a fan of drinking and driving and now that Mrs M has had her baby, well – there’s no designated driver. So this year the challenge is to not only stock up with wines from farms, but to trust my twitter friends, read more articles and buy wine from Pick n Pay. Or even better Ultra Liquors! (Bargain prices!). Feel free to send suggestions of wines I should try.

Creation Wine
The first wine recommended on twitter

I spent most, actually ALL of 2010 reading Shantaram. I really want to say its a good book, but its completely tainted by the fact that it took a year to read. Really, I’m not a slow reader, for this book you need time – which I didn’t have much of. So this year I really want to try and read more.

Quality time, with Mr H, good friends and my parents. Its important. 2010 was fun, but relationships matter and we need to remain focussed on that.

Obviously there are other goals… career objectives and places that need to be visited. Both are fairly open ended, I think the main goal is to make things happen. But if 2010 is anything to go by, things will most definitely happen.


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