“The phrase that shall not be mentioned” coffee shop

When I first saw Nom Nom written in a tweet. I had no idea. Well, I had some idea based on the mention of a macaron in the same sentence. But really? Nom Nom? I don’t make that sound when I eat nor when I enjoy anything else. I mean, it kind of sounds like you’re talking with your mouth full and attempting to say Yum yum. And really, I’d prefer if people just kept to the traditional yum yum.

Anyway, the coffee shop is named after this ridiculous phrase… however, ridiculous the little place is not. Its gorgeous. Its pretty. I don’t know St George’s Mall at all but suggested to meet my bridesmaid (she was my bridesmaid on the day, and this is how differentiate between her, and my other best friends) for coffee at the new Nom Nom (feel like an angel just lost its wings when I say it). Sitting on an antique-looking Fauteuil (yes I did google it) reading the paper, it was like I’d stepped onto a Parisian street and was meeting my friend at an iconic picturesque sidewalk cafe. We sat outside, seeing as though it is still summer in Cape Town. Although its literally part of the pedestrian mall, they’ve set it up in such a way that feels exclusive. This little slice of antique Paris, only for their guests.

We only ordered coffee, but I popped my head in and smiled at the gorgeous decor and a small upstairs section too. A cute window seat to share (closely) with someone come winter, and what looked like homebaked goodies. Nicely wrapped brownies and fudges (am totally guessing, I haven’t a clue as I’m still on a diet and can’t get too close) all bearing the shops name brand. A nice finishing touch.

For opening week, they’re doing well and looked really busy again when I walked past today. While I’m still not keen on the name, it does sort of sound like a french person, saying yum yum. Which I guess then makes it very fitting for the establishment. Its pretty and elegant. I will definitely be stopping in regularly.

Nom Nom St George's Mall

Nom Nom
109 St Georges Mall


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