Old Mac Daddy Trailers

Aah, part two of our stay at Old Mac Daddy…  Besides the gripes and moans about the restaurant and service, the true reason for a stay at Old Mac Daddy is, afterall, the unique experience of sleeping in an airstream trailer that has been converted into piece of art.

I was lucky enough to have a peak at some of the trailers and take a few pics too. I’m nosy like that. In the interest of adding value to your life, I thought I’d share the pics and thoughts on the trailers to make choosing yours a little easier.

Naturally I have plenty of Digit – the playful numbers and puzzles trailer that we stayed in. Not trying to back my own choice, but after the browse of the others, it was a good choice. Wall to wall grass, fresh cotton sheets, puzzle magazines (very, very difficult problem-solving games). It’s on level 2, so not too many steps away from the pool and restaurant.

White cotton sheets on the bed in Digit
Seating area right under the aircon. Major plus

The two trailers at the lake have possibly the most privacy and the best views. I almost yelped when I saw them and the lovely deck (and deck furniture) they each have. Out of the two, I’d say Birdie is the better as it has the built-on (or external) bathroom. It is a teeny tiny trailer though, with a small bed so be sure you’re ready to get cosy.

That'd be the bed in Birdie. Teeny. Like a teeny bird.

Teeny sitting area in Birdie. For love birds. That sit together closely

Birdie's deck. With swinging hammocks and a lakeview

King Midas is the other. Dripping with gold and all things shiny with the best deck and view, it had the potential to be the best trailer. Except that the toilet and the shower are inside the trailer. Ala caravanning with your folks in the 80’s.

Gold and shiny seating area
Is it a cupboard, no its the toilet!
King Midas' bed
The best deck - King Midas

Life before colour is the Honeymoon trailer. It is beautifully decorated with a Victorian bath and photoframes of our grandmother’s grandmother. It is very pretty, however the downside is that its the closest to the pool, doesn’t have an outdoor living area and no shower. Definitely romantic though!

Life before colour
If you splash you'll wet the bed!

If I went again, I’d choose for Better or for Boerewors. Its rather high up, so has a bit more privacy (but with privacy comes steps) and just a good old fashioned feel to it.

For better or for boerewors

Out of the others I saw, I didn’t get photos (as was feeling a bit like a paparazzi) but I can say this:

Mills and Boon: Pink velvet, black satin and mirrors is what this room is about. I reckon it would be warm in the middle of summer, but really cosy in the winter. It has great views being high up as well. They probably expect you to stay in bed as getting into and out of the bed involves crawling across it.

Metalmorphosis intrigued me. However I have to say this is a boys trailer through and through. In fact, it sort of creeped me out as it felt like a steel warehouse. Not cool.

The Private Life of Plants was actually super cool. From the website I wasn’t keen on it, but it had a really fresh feel with lots of attention to detail and a decent sized bed.


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