Excuse me for a mo

Actually, excuse me for a moan. Right, this is totally an unrelated to anything ever post, but sometimes – you need a good old moan. I’m going to regret writing it no doubt, but for now – I have no one to moan to and I just need to get a few things off my chest.

I am so irritated. With a lot of things, but firstly – with my back. This is a new things as it was always the Hawk’s back that had issues. But bam, fast approaching the 31st birthday and there it is, my back is having issues. I work out, I don’t do silly things (like bungy jump or kloofing) but my back is giving me a seriously hard time. Enter Transact and a whole lot of painkillers.

Bad drivers. I know Cape Town is full of them, but they annoy the shit out of me. Look, I’m not saying I’m a brilliant driver, but the drivers that annoy me are the ones that fly down the highway without patience, cellphone to their ear and a toddler standing on the backseat. One day I’m going to own a demolition car. They won’t see me coming, but the little ‘nudge’ they receive will make them wake up!!

Ultra sounds, baby bumps and blow by blow accounts of Junior’s progression. All over facebook. I am so over it. It must be the stage of life, everyone appears to be knocked up and really, (I’m not just saying this) I’m thrilled for them. I’m just exhausted of having it all over my timeline. At least weddings were pretty. I preferred the wedding stage.

Comments such as ‘this isn’t a child-friendly restaurant’. You know what, I don’t have kids so if I book the restaurant – I’m not thinking about a jungle jim and having your kid happy while I’m surrounded by 6000 screamers. I love my friend’s kids and perhaps I’ll be muttering equally annoying things one day to my child-less friends when I have a child,  but until then… Damn that’s annoying

My working late husband. That annoys the crap out of me. Life is for living, not working. Aah, there’s too much to say on this to even start. I know I just did. But… it’ll just annoy me if I go into it.

The fact that summer may be on its way out. I’m really not happy with that. With work and work and more work… when am I supposed to go to the beach, enjoy lazy lunches in the sun, be irresponsible? Ok, maybe I did all that in December. But I want more of it.

People who don’t think before they write something on facebook. You know what, great stuff that you’re in a new relationship – but hey, true story is  that you’re still married. Don’t blast your happiness on fb. Have some sensitivity would ya? That goes for your friends too. Thanks.

My bank balance that doesn’t ever seem to stay in the black, even though we’ve cut back about a thousand percent on eating out. My inability to shift 3,6kgs (she says eating a packet of enerjelly jubes – the new addiction), the lack of decent houses  on the market (or in our price range??), an unnecessary thirst to travel, and travel and travel… and well ofcourse, my next door neighbour who smokes into our flat window.

Ok, so I probably didn’t need to write all my moans down. But I did. And I sort of feel better. Not really, but sort of.



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