The crazy things

I realise that this blog is not supposed to be about reminiscing. It’s supposed to be all about food and wine.. and wine and food (although did I dictate that, or is that all life consists of these days? She ponders before continuing…) and I really do have some glorious food and places to talk about. This time last month, I was discovering the delights of the Midlands Meander, but right now I’m remembering, The last couple of weeks I’ve been finding myself doing it a lot. Playing music that reminds me of my days in London, craving starbucks coffees and old friends. But best of all, remembering some really good… and crazy times over the last few years.

Sometimes I shock myself when I think of the things I did while travelling… on reflection, these couldn’t be safe.

Jumping off the cliff of a mountain in Turkey with nothing but a turkish man and his parachute attached to my back? Diving to 25m in the Similan Islands when you’re only qualified to dive to 18m… but getting to see a guitar ray (that looked remarkably like a shark) while I was down there. Or me, a foefie slide and a river after numerous buckets in Vang Vieng, Laos. Ah Laos…let’s not even talk about the pre-booked tour to white water raft from one town to another. This was just stupid, not crazy.

Anyway, before I go into over-thinking the crazy times… and reminiscing at length about the places we’ve been, people we’ve met and seen… I wanted to post this picture. I just love it. Yes, those are my legs. And that’s Olu Deniz in Turkey beneath me (said Turkish main is making sure we don’t crash).

And yes, I felt like a bird. A scared bird. But a bird.

Actually now that I am thinking about it. All the crazy things, are actually just scary things. Until you do them. Then they’re either crazy or stupid.


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