Writing (actually writing) this blog.

It’s the funny thing about writing. Or about not writing I guess. The fact that in my head, so many posts have been started, drafted, worked on, gone back over but never actually written down. Thoughts, emotions, clarity on aspects of life. It’s all happened, and gone on without a single piece being written down. I now have a desk (granted it has no chairs and is more of a painted white trestle table) – but its a desk where my (beautiful and barely used mac) sits gracefully waiting for me to pay it attention.

Right so first up in my quest to recapture in words (and on this blog) all the millions of thoughts I’ve had in the past… what, about 6 months.

We bought a house. We moved our lives. We ran out of money (more dramatic than it was). I had dinner with my ex-brother-in-law. I became more addicted to coffee, and less knowledgable about wine. I saw the inside of a theatre (the medical kind). Came home to an unlocked front door in the middle of a lightning storm (possibly the most scared I’ve been all year. Minus the theatre visit). I’ve cried. A lot. And I’ve fallen totally in love with my friends in the biggest and best possible way.


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