Appreciating the boss

No, this is not a suck up post in the hope that my boss may stumble across my blog and then score me some brownie points. And yes, I realise I’ve just started a new job and therefore this post is slightly awkward. And yes, I realise I haven’t actually posted about anything all year so this is a rather irrelevant post. But I had a thought this afternoon as I drove home to let my domestic helper out of the gate that she had got herself locked behind, literally between a rock (the locked house) and a hard place (the locked gate).

So on this drive (which at 4pm doesn’t take that long to the burbs) – I thought about my current boss. About my previous boss. And about the fact that I’m now a boss too. Sometimes, you’re in a job and you’re just doing your job. That’s what you’re paid to do and so you do it. You get to a point in your career that you do your job whether someone is peering over your shoulder or not. Its not about them, its about you… and getting it done.

Hindsight is one of those things that never cease to amaze. We all say it way too often.

I look back on my previous bosses (and with a 7 year stint in Londres as a temp, I have a few) and I realise how much I learnt from them, how inspired I was to learn, grow, ask questions, challenge myself (and them from time to time). To be better at my job, not because they were watching, but because they had been good at their jobs and got to their positions through hardwork (ok, there were an odd few who got there just out of sticking around at a company for a long time). Even the rather rubbish bosses, now that I think about it, taught me something. I suppose that’s why they call it work experience. It is all part of the experience – not just about the work. 

Anyway, I appreciate my boss. My current one (no suck up intended) and my previous one(s). I realise now how influential they were in my work experience. And how they helped me.


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