Nothing reminds me more of my childhood in Somerset West than baking crunchines. No, that’s a lie – I just need to drive the streets of the westside or play a song from 1997 and a memories come flooding back, but baking crunchines is one of those things that will always remind me of being at my mom’s as a kid.

My mom’s recipe book is a stuck together A4 hardcover schoolbook and is home to the infamous crunchies I’d bake possibly twice or three times a month at points in my childhood (not addictive at all!). It’s also home to other secrets of the Mannings Lane kitchen, but I never used it for those. I never thought to copy the recipe, and this Sunday as I sat craving a bit of those memories of childhood and innocence – I wished I’d made a copy.  But as I hadn’t, and she’s not that hot at replying to whatsapp messages,  I decided so check out my favourite food inspiration blog Drizzleanddip in the hope of finding a trusted crunchie recipe. And lucky for me, I did.

Lets be honest, crunchies only remind you of your childhood because they’re loaded with sugar and your mom probably felt ok with you eating them (all) because of all the oats and coconut (a vegetable right?) in them.

Dry crunchie ingredients.jpg
Dry ingredients. No sugar included here, so you still feel ok
Crunchie wet ingredients.jpg
Syrup, butter and sugar…. and bi-carb.

The end result was great. Happy smiles in the office (you didn’t think I ate them all myself?!!) and basically, while they weren’t quite as good as the one’s from my mom’s recipe book (and even if they were I wouldn’t ever not praise my mom’s first!) – they were pretty damn easy to make and delicious.


Check out the recipe here


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