The year that was

So much can change in a year.
And so much can stay the same.

When I started 2013, I had very little expectations for it. I was happy with my career, I had a great job and a team that I adored. I had set my expectations way too high for 2012 and been let down, so I decided not to aim for too much in 2013 and rather take each day as it comes.

Well, did things change. The first bump came while I was still on holiday in January (possibly 5 days after I agreed to not set expectations for the year). I was asked to do a mini-‘secondment’- if you can call it that – and some brand work on a new ecommerce brand about to launch. So I did, and I tasted a bit of something I knew was missing from my current position. By pure chance (is there such a thing really?), a vida coffee with my now new boss and a cryptic email chat with an old colleague (who is now a current colleague and an absolute gem) convinced me – I was going to move into the (insert descriptive word for it) world of online fashion retail.

All this, and before my 32nd birthday!

Not a part of the plan for the year (of which there was none) but more as a result of suffering from a serious bout of fomo when a friend booked his flights – we also booked some flights back to Asia taking advantage of that ‘between jobs’ moment that happens. The hottest I’ve ever been (barring Turkey 2008) I suffered food poisoning for the umpteenth time on the shores of a Thai Island, stayed at the most impressive 5 star hotel on Koh Samui and dived our old favourite, Koh Tao.
On a side note, I do wonder how I get so much past my husband –

me: Babe, I think we should go back to Thailand – it’ll be fun
Mark: Ok, how much?
me: I’ll work it out, but it won’t be too bad
Mark: Ok, how much?
me: It’ll be so amazing… a really nice little adventure before my new job starts
Mark: Ok.

And then I left 11 Adderley Street. It was heartbreaking – that lot had become my family. And Gogo knew how to make my coffee. I didn’t know how to replace Gogo. It was actually Gogo that made it tempting for me to stay. But I didn’t… I headed down the road to the big Naspers building and started running.

No really, I’ve been running ever since. I blinked, and the rest of year has merged into my mac.

As for the personal stuff, that all changed too – The Rolyats had little baby Cam while we were in Thailand. He came two weeks early and definitely not a part of the plan for us to miss it. But what an amazing and special boy he is.

I officially became an ex-sister-in-law. Is that a thing? Is there space in someone’s life to be an ex-sister-in-law, or does it actually just banish you to the memories of what was. Breaks my heart a little each time I think of it.

Had a lunch with an aunt and uncle, who I haven’t had a lunch with basically since about 1996 (one day I’ll insert hyperlink to a blog post on the sad day my cousin passed away).

My bridesmaid and also my sister-who-isn’t-my-sister got engaged – both to awesome men (well, obviously). Two pregnant friends on their first baby, two pregnant friends onto their seconds. A pregnant sister-in-law on her fourth (yes, you read that right. Yes, I also think its just a little crazy).

I gave up coffee for lent this year, possibly the biggest lent I’ve ever done (yes, even more so than the wine I gave up that one year). I gave up alcohol for a whole month while I tried to sleek geek myself back into my 28 year old self. It didn’t really work (maybe a little.. I keep trying). I’m definitely 32 though.

I have so far made it to TWO yoga classes the whole year. But the year isn’t over yet, and it will remain the goal. More yoga, more breathing.

I have been to a homeopath, a kinesiologist, an acupuncturist and a self proclaimed japanese quack. I went back to church. I loved, I wept, I drank, I laughed. I am more so than ever, grateful for what we have – the special friends, the very special family. The friends, who are like family and sometimes are all the family we need. Our beautiful home in the burbs – even if I curse traffic at least once a week.

I’m looking forward to 2014 and not only because it includes a spontaneous trip to South America

me: Hey, we should totally go to Rio carnival
Mark: how much?
me: I don’t know, but wouldn’t it be amazing?
Mark: Ok

But also, because you never know what else the year is going to include.


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