These days on twitter

A friend recently commented to me that the quality of my twitter activity has deteriorated. I barely knew he was even still on twitter, but so, for the first time in my life I started looking at my followers… How many I had (wow, over a thousand…!) and then I watched them daily unfollow me. So because I’m the introspective type (except not really) I thought I’d see what exactly I’ve been putting out there daily. And the answer – so much of the mundane.

Traffic tweet – usually a bit of a moan
Coffee tweet – solidifying my addiction that I share with thousands and that is no way unique
Weather/Cape Town tweet – it’s summer and beautiful. Every day
Lyrics tweet – been listening to a lot of music on repeat. Thus learning the lyrics really well. And without being able to sing, I guess one has to tweet them. Has to.
Inspirational quote on an image tweet – too many of these pseudo deep and meaningfuls. That are mostly stolen from chick magazines posts on twitter.
A retweet or two. Because other people are much better at this than I am.
An exercise vs yoga or a ‘what I ate‘ tweet. Shit these are sad.
Oh, the swearing tweet. Usually when I am getting fed up about the day.
The homeland/’insert series here’ tweet – because evenings are about TV.
And don’t forget the Instagram image link tweet which always annoys me because yes, I still just use the normal twitter app and not any of those fancy apps that you all use where you can see the image in the feed.

So I don’t blame them for unfollowing either really.
Because that shit isn’t adding any value at all.

To be improved.


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