Our bucket list trip

It’s more than just a hashtag. Today, it’s a reality.

A few months ago, Terry, a friend from London announced he was getting married (hoorah!) and they were doing it in Buenos Aires, you know in Argentina (say what?).

Well I guess that she is Argentinian, and the daughter of a wine-king owner type there, hey it made sense. To them.
So I started investigating. Let’s go for a week. But if we are there, and so close to Peru (well, on the same continent), we should definitely do the one thing that actually would form part of my so-called bucket list, if I had one. But what about Rio, and Christ the redeemer… So close and not visit? Ok, let’s spend two weeks.
I found great flights into and out of convenient cities, and the trip started taking shape.

It was only when we were sitting in flight centre with my credit card mid air and ready to swipe, did I casually mention the dates and that leaving a few days earlier would mean we’d get to rio in time for carnival. And instantly (and without much thought of what is involved) – this trip just became three weeks and included some of the highlights of the world I actually never imagined seeing or experiencing!

So this is it. A bucket list trip – Rio (for carnival), Paraty, Ilha Grande, sacred valley and Machu Picchu, Cusco and finally, a week of tango, steak and Malbec wine in Buenos Aires.

And hopefully an adventure of epic proportions. Definitely some fun (and games) to be had!



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