Food poisoning and flight delays

Like really?
I know right. What are the chances of having the one on the same day as the other? Well, it appears today is my lucky day.

Our last night in Peru (well what we thought would be our last night) we decided to push the boat out and indulge in Peruvian classic dishes and some Malbec wine at a highly rated Cusco restaurant.

Guinea pig (I know, I feel so wrong even mentioning it) is a favourite amongst the locals. As far as it being a local dish (and pets in SA) it’s rather pricey as a main so we went with it as a starter instead. To share. And we didn’t discuss that it was a guinea pig. I tried to think of it as bacon meets chicken rather. Besides, I’ve never owned one nor plan on having one in my house. See how I’m trying to make myself feel better here? Anyway, guineapig to start.
For mains I had the trout from the local lake, and Mark ate alpaca. You know, the Peruvian sheep found high up in the mountains. The same one that we also have a blanket, a little child’s jacket (godparent duty) and a jumper for mark. We are a
such tourist suckers.

Anyway, the food was incredible. The trout taking on a Thai (coconut milk, coriander, chili and lime flavour) – not sure how this is local? And the alpaca fillet being a whiter meat than you imagine, but so tasty.

Dessert – white chocolate mousse and and and. Think there was also mention of mint jelly and butterscotch sauce. Omw! So good.

Last meal that I was thrilled about having regardless of the a high price tag. That is, until my adventurous spirit conflicted with my sensitive stomach and turned my night into hell.
Food poisoning – not that it hasn’t happened to all of us at some point. But really, on the day when I need to fly across the continent?
Mark, being the star that he always is (I sometimes congratulate on marrying so well! Can I say that out loud? Agg, why the hell not!) packed our bags and got us into a taxi and at the airport for 6.30, where it didn’t take long for the gorgeous folk of this nation to put me in a wheel chair and take me to emergency services. Promise, not a hypochondriac, I was that bad.

After dosing and oxygen and all that, figured it was time to find my husband. Who was still at the checkin desk. Cancelled flight, missed connection. A five star hotel night on the other side of South America wasted.

I suppose, given that I’ve been travelling since I was 22, and have never had to experience the disappointment of a cancelled flight, or even a delayed flight – it was bound to happen at some point. This trip, not ideal to happen during, but what’s a girl to do? Well, besides drop lip, moan to staff, borderline cry, beg, plead… And then write a blog post.

I’m fortunate, there were a lot of people on our flight who would miss their connecting flight to Mexico, LA, Quito etc. I don’t see any of them in the VIP airport lounge. So well-played to the Hawkins team. Me being sick meant they genuinely seemed to care to get us into a hotel, the lounge and upgraded to business class. So I guess alls well that ends well? Or something like that.

For the record, I’m not going to knock the restaurant. The food was really amazing. I’m just going to tame the adventurous foodie spirit inside and eat chicken. Or watermelon. Can’t really go wrong with watermelon.

Ps. In business class they really let you do whatever the hell you like. We landed while my seat was completely reclined and I had a blanket. Totally flying business class from now on!



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