Post-it note therapy

Of course it’s not a real therapy, but it helps.

You know those thoughts that you have, the ones where you wish you had the balls to shout at the person opposite you in the meeting, but you don’t. You hold it together. Composed, rational.
Or when you are down, and you have a hundred unanswered, unorganised, unnerving thoughts running through your head but you’re at work and your best friend/husband/mom isn’t answering their Skype. Or maybe the thoughts are those that your best friend/husband/mom shouldn’t actually know about.

Post-it note therapy. It’s like a diary, but sort of in bullet form. Because really, who has time for diary entries?
Plus, post-it’s are easily disposable. Because let’s be honest. Generally the thoughts, pictures, lyrics that are jotted down on a post-it, don’t really want to be revisited later on. Revisiting things, is not for this type of therapy.

Blog posts can be diary entries, if you’re keen on having everything out there (I guess twitter covers that off nicely too). But sometimes, you have a whole speech prepared, or maybe just three or 7 words but for whatever reason you know that saying them out loud to anyone, or to the person in mind, will probably cause more damage than good – that’s where post-it note therapy comes in.

Write it down. Keep it stickied to your desk for 10 minutes or an hour or the rest of the day. Long enough to stare at the words as if you actually did have the balls to say them. Then, take the note and tear it up into tiny pieces.
It’s done. The anger, hurt, confusion is done. And you can leave for the day. As if you actually spent R700 at a therapist, but you didn’t and can now buy that skirt from Zara.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee it works for everyone. Or that it’ll work long term.
Also, note to self – don’t leave said post it on your desk when you go to a meeting at risk that someone actually reads deep, meaningful or weird thoughts. That defeats the point.


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