Footnotes for a post about Stellenbosch days

Notes for the English speakers / non stellies students

1. Skakeling: during initiation week, meetings between residences are set up. The boys and the girls from each res get to meet in a (somewhat) controlled environment run by the (far more mature?) third and fourth year HK’s. It usually involved some activity. Weirdly there were no skakelings between two female res’. I can only conclude that they were trying to promote friendships within your own res, and hooking up with boys. What else is first year for.

2. HK (as used above): Huis Komitee. House Comitee. A bunch of seniors (who actually aren’t very senior in reality) who were probably prefects at school or weren’t, and are now living the prefect dream. Telling the juniors to get in line etc. They probably did other stuff too – I’m not sure. I wasn’t a prefect. Or a HK.

3. Deurwag. I had to go crowdsourcing to my old SONOP girls to remember this word. Its basically the doorman – if you’re going to directly translate it. But for any girls’ res attendee – its soo much more than that. That man, at the end of your night who lets you in -he can be your lifesaver. Mostly he was afrikaans, and from Eendrag and studying Engineering – because man, those guys don’t have a life and need to study all the time. They are generally unimpressed by you, your drunkenness, or the fact that your ATM card isn’t able to let you in to the building. “What does ‘U is onbekend’ mean mr Deurwag?”

4. The neelsie. Once containing a club, a 7 eleven, and a Van Schayk bookshop all under one roof. It was the central meeting place before, during and after classes. It often meant that you never attended class at all.

5. Blue Rooster. The blue rooster that sits on top of Helshoogte (not exactly cryptic)

6. Sonop: previously Hombre boys residence, we shared the res in our first year with the guys (not as fun as it sounds) – only the eetsaal was shared. And kicked them out in second year. They were not impressed and pissed all over our res. I can understand why. As far as I know, Hombre has ceased to exist.

7. EetSaal: Eating Hall. Not often attended by us. Except for HK (see above) meetings. Booking ahead for meals was challenging. Much easier to make smoked chicken salad in your room


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