Why 2014 was the crappest year, and also… why it wasn’t.

As I face the end of yet another challenging month, at this, the end of a very challenging year, I’m forced to reflect on the year that was. What I do most years. But this year seems really challenging.

It was crap. Really crap. Like, from where I sit, this was the crappest year that ever there was.

You see, if I’m honest. I’m a bit of a wallower. You know, when I’m sad – I play sad music and cry even more. When I’m feeling fat, I’ll eat a chocolate and feel even fatter. Generally I don’t have much of a chance to wallow, because I don’t have people in my life that I’m allowed to wallow with. My mom, my husband – they’re real ‘positive’ types. This year though, I wallowed. Dangerously so. Sat around and discussed the meaning of life type of wallowing. Said FML (a lot).

And so, now at the end of 2014 – I need to try and see the good in the year that was. Given the bad that I went through.

The bad… aggh – those are all in draft blog posts. Pending approval. By me. My inner peace is still wrestling with the bad.

But lets try and find the good. I mean, in a whole year – there was some.

Firstly – there were the 7 weddings. In 5 weeks. Across 2 continents. Yes, ok it included a tumble that was almost a broken wrist plus a moment in a rose bush. But the truth is, I was witness to the bridesmaid marrying the right man, the man for her. “The one”. I saw a bride walk down the aisle with her dad, a special moment especially since she lost her dad unexpectadly just a week later. That moment, always in our hearts, that wedding – an epic party.

We also got to dance under the stars at the most intimate and special wedding of an amazing couple at Babylonstoren, and then do it all again two days later at their Great Gatsby inspired wedding at the most interesting venue that would surprise anyone. Don’t believe me. The girl organised two weddings, two days apart – and both were undeniably incredible! Check them out: The intimate wedding & the Reason to Party wedding.
My cousin, Mark’s cousin and the international couple (A South African & Argentine living in London, married in Bueons Aires). 6 special couples. 7 special celebrations. Can’t be faulting that.

That’s 7 weddings. And yes, the cowboy outfit was also a wedding.


Weddings aside, there was also the South American trip. The trip inspired off the back of the Buenos Aires wedding. The trip that ultimately became known to us, and anyone who followed us on social media – as the Bucket List trip. Because, it was. We danced in the stands of the Sambadrome to all hours of the morning with the Rio carnival parade, a sea of colours, passing us. We visited Brazilian beaches, donned brazilian bikinis (they’re small) and visited Christ the Redeemer. We lost our breath at altitude and finally completed my 10 year long dream of visiting the ancient home of the Incas at Machu Picchu. It was unbelievable and magical.

Yeah, doing that thing I do – but this time on Machu Picchu

We fell in love with a city, that we didn’t even expect to like. It became one of our top three. Cape Town, Barcelona, Buenos Aires (in case you were wondering).

Palermo Soho, one of the reasons to love Buenos Aires


I paused in writing this post here… for about 3 weeks. Mostly because I really am battling to find the next good thing to write about. From May onwards, and after our whirlwind week in Robertson with the last of the wedding fun, the year sort of blurs into a series of late nights, stress, tears and prom therapy – basically just winter sunset walks on the promenade.

But today, I remembered some random other goods (which isn’t a well constructed English sentence, but whatever, I haven’t read a book in a while).
I stopped listening to the radio this year – I think we all did after Gareth Cliff decided to join WeChat (or whatever he did) and 5fm decided they didn’t need listeners in their 30’s. But it was good, because I discovered new music. And also I figured out what I really like in music. It surprised me, but it was like I found a little part of me again.

We got Indie, our gorgeous little staffy puppy. Her name could’ve landed up Cecilia if the 2015 Bride had anything to do with it. Ah, the 2015 Bride asked me to be a bridesmaid! I’ve known her since I was 3 – it is the biggest honour! Plus, I get to play BM with the third in our life-long friendship.

We were asked to be godparents to baby Cameron – my favourite little guy in all the world! Plus Bronwyn (Cammy bear’s mom) fell pregnant again! Baby #2 and Cameron’s bro is due on my birthday next year! The bridesmaid, and the bride in wedding number 7 above (orange dress) fell pregnant and is expecting a girl (we still aren’t 100% sure its a girl but I’ve started shopping pink anyway).

I went to Joburg, twice! This is a highlight, especially the second time where I also got to dine with my sister – a perfect evening in Parkhurst and one of the nicest catch ups we’ve ever had. That girl has some value! On the topic of sisters, my other sister moved home from England (she knows how to do a move back to SA that one – she’s on a farm in the Winelands. Well played, sis, well played).

Daily coffee, girls dinners, tears, late nights, groundhog day. But actually not such a crap year afterall, and December has rolled round with silly season madness; the Lumineers, Foo Fighters and a pool party. Clearly a good sign of what 2015 will be about. I can hope.


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