The food, the wine, the view

In that order.

Take a look at this view, no really… Look at it! It is possibly the most beautiful valley in the world, or at least – of the countries we’ve been too.

this view!


But it comes third in the list amazing things at the Restaurant at Newton Johnson.

With that food, they could’ve served it to me in a dungeon. The view complimented it, but definitely doesn’t make the restaurant what it is – the ninth best restaurant in the country according to this years Eat Out  Awards. Look, it definitely helps to make the occasion, a much awaited visit to Hemel en Aarde, special but the food blows you away. And I had decided that simply with the complimentary entree.
It’s a tough call to put the food ahead of the wine, and I only do this because I was there to have lunch. If I had visited with a tasting in mind and then moved on to lunch, the story may have been different. I can say they’re probably on par, but for the nature of the blog post, I won’t.

We were lucky enough to have a bottle, our first Pinot Noir of the valley, of the Newton Johnson family vineyards. Surprised, thrilled and in love is the only way to describe every sip. It complimented our meal, but I could’ve happily sat on my patio at home and had it without the special meal and I’m sure my feelings would’ve been the same.

For the sake of the food, here’s what we had:

Starters – Tuna Ceviche for me (no fancy website description available) & CRÈME CARAMEL (that’s Duck Liver Crème, Onion and Thyme Caramel and Brioche – YUM!) for him

Tuna on the left, Duck on the right

Mains: We both opted for the Sirloin, to go with the red we had in hand (stolen from the website: AGED CHALMAR BEEF SIRLOIN – Pickled and Brûlée Onion, Onion Flower and Potato Dauphinoise)

The steak with a family of onion (or something as per the menu)


Dessert: I had the amazing (deconstructed) ETON MESS – Vanilla Meringue, Berry Compote, Coconut Sorbet and Crème Chantilly. Yes, wow!
Most unmessy Eton Mess ever


How lucky we are to pop out of Cape Town and experience the taste sensation of the Hemel en Aarde.
Not at all letting me down, I’m excited to visit again!


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