Risk averse… And a challenge

disinclined or reluctant to take risks.

Yesterday, someone called me risk averse. This, itself, is not a shock I guess. But being told it, in the negative way in which it was delivered, felt a bit gutting. Coupled with a (somewhat younger) colleague delivering a ‘is burn really your thing?’ after I expressed interest in going to Afrikaburn this year, I’ve basically decided to accept the challenge.
I mean, that’s what both statements surely were? Challenges?

Take more chances, do what really makes you happy, don’t just talk about it, try new things (don’t just talk about those either), push yourself out of your comfort zone, just push yourself.

Ps. In my defence I really consider myself analytical, considered, and rational in thought that makes me more careful when making decisions so that I don’t rush into things governed only by my immediate emotions. Ok, I also don’t take risks.

Pps. Isn’t it ironic that these statements are always so rich coming from those that are equally risk averse.



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