I see in colours

Well, yes. Most people do.

That was pretty much the response (while non-verbal) I received when I told someone that… I do, in fact, see in colours.

The truth is, while most do see in colours, its more than just seeing. Its a feeling, an emotion that manifests in my vision and makes all things that colour, completely giving the emotion form and definition, through the colour that it is. I feel in colour.

I’m a walking, talking colourful mood-ring.

What’s most fascinating about this ridiculous attempt to summarise my emotional state, is that I can go from being somewhat blue (you know… just chilled, pleasant) to red (feeling something rather intense, indescribable and overwhelming) to a deep dark grey (pissed mostly) in a very short space of time. Luckily for me, I’m back to white today (after all of the above). Just a beautiful white numb. (A Chenin Blanc white numb).

Some may say I’m just a little crazy. I prefer to say I’m colourful cray-cray.


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