So far, so good

2015… I’m only 14 days in, but so far, it seems, we’re doing ok. By we.. I mean me. I’m doing ok.

I’ve, along with my other lifelong BFF, planned a bridal shower day – a breakfast and a hen party night out. The planning was time consuming. Mostly because we kept getting distracted and talking life (men and babies mostly… Which is what life is about in your thirties apparently). What I learnt though – no one cares if the serviettes are teal, or sky blue. No one even notices there were serviettes on the table.

Another thing, when visiting China Town, if you find what you need in the first shop – don’t shop around. Buy it. Buy it and go to the beach. Seriously.
The same theory can be applied to any market you visit. The price difference doesn’t outweigh the sore feet and lost time. I learn this at least once a year – but for some reason I can never apply the lesson. Bangkok street markets to Ottery China Town. It’s all the same (same, but different).

I’ve learnt that in a world where internet banking is as simple as a couple of clicks, a lot of people (even under 40’s) still prefer to ‘give cash on the day’. This should be stopped. No one wants cash on the day!! I want it in my account. Where I can’t spend it easily. I don’t want to be carrying R3k in my wallet. (By the way I don’t still have R3k in my wallet… Because I’ve bloody spent it!)

I’ve learnt that some people will be irritating to be irritating. And that sometimes, as clear as it is to you how they can stop being irritating, they just don’t. And continue to be irritating. This is a cryptic learning on purpose. Mostly because it’s too irritating to try and explain it.

The word RAD, is best used in a sentence with lifelong BFF (mentioned above). Every time – it elicits the same response. She loves it. It’s the 80s South African in her (also my subliminal messaging attempt to make her move back here for good!)

I’ve learnt that it’s ok when you’re not invited to children’s birthday parties. I’d like to think it’s because the parents are well jel of the life you’re living, but mostly it’s because you don’t have a kid too. I’ve also realised (not learnt) that my friends (ex saffas visiting from London) speak British and consequently so do I when they’re around. ‘Well jel’ is their fault.

I’ve learnt that quitting isn’t an option. Finding a reason to fight is the only option. This is also easier said than done I suppose and is reserved for a post for another day.

And finally, after just 14 days into 2015… I’ve learnt that when I see a landrover (the old type and the car that made me want to go get lost in the bush or just be taken away from here), I know that where I am, is where I’m meant to be. Even though its not always easy. It remains the truth.


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