Ready or not…

I have so many unfinished or finished, but unpublished blog posts. Mostly because.. oh look a squirrel!

But also because – the timing of their honesty didn’t seem right. Or as much as I had committed the thoughts to words, I wasn’t ready to commit the honesty of the words to published.

I’m slowly becoming more ready, or perhaps its more daring that I’m becoming. Or maybe – I just couldn’t care enough to keep it all hidden and inside. Perhaps its just that I’m just trying to clear things up a bit, declutter my inbox, simplify my ‘drafts’ folder, be more honest.

So here goes. I’ll be publishing some older drafts every now and then. Exactly as they are if finished, or finishing them, and revising where necessary for those that I was distracted during writing. Published on the day, with an annotation about when it was written.


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