**written on 12 January 2014**

I don’t believe in meant to be. I don’t believe there is one chosen path and outcome for your life.

Sometimes however, there are events that feel like more. Some call them coincidences, some say they were meant to be. I’ve never been one to believe in the romantic version of life, that no matter the different choices you make, your outcome remains the same.
I believe, that life is a series of choices and with every one, you define where you are going. Those choices or daily decisions, some big (take the job, stay at the party), some small (cross the road, take the first turn off, or the second) – each of them are the best decision for the time, otherwise you’d never choose it.
We second guess ourselves a lot. Am I now, where I need to be? Forgetting that where you are, is exactly where you put yourself. Every day you choose, but sometimes, our choices are without thought. And it’s then, in the midst of not thinking, in the midst of no conscious decision making – that a serendipitous moment may creep in, causing you to stop, to wonder, to think of signs, of destiny, of fate.

I recently read that time delivers certain people to your life, and your heart decides if you want them there. It’s your behaviour, that decides if you let them stay. I’ve had time to consider the course of decisions I’ve made consequent to letting people in and out. I’m always surprised by those recurring individuals. The ones you’re sure should have no significance, but the ones that show up over time again, in different ways, crossing your path, making you think, making you reflect sometimes on what was, or what may have been.

But really, it’s probably more because I’m from a small town, and Facebook makes it smaller.


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