The game of truth

Lets play a game of truth.
No, not truth or dare. Just truth. It involves honesty only. Straight and forward. Its quite simply: ask a question and get the truth. Exactly how it is (or how it was). There are no hidden meanings or messages allowed, nothing left to read into. The answers are just the facts.

I often challenge my mom to the game. To see if she wants to know all the adventures her teen daughter got up to, to which her answer has always been and most likely will always remain. “No. I don’t want to know. You’re fine and that’s what matters now”.

Its not that I want to tell my mom the secrets. Admittedly some secrets are really better left untold after all, especially the ones that involve midnight drives with older boys and a student card that beared little resemblance to the person holding it (nothing of which I did, of course!) I think I just sometimes want to know if she wants to know.

But for the sake of this post, indulge me. What if we played the game of truth for real. Would it upset the balance of white lies that make up our existence.
How much did that dress cost? (Asks husband)
How was your ‘doctor’s appointment’? (asks boss)
Did she say anything about me? (asks friend of another friend)

Every day little nuances in the truth escape us. Intentionally, and unintentionally. We smooth things or leave out the bumps in the story we tell depending on the person we’re telling it to. We say without saying, and leave things unsaid. We open things up for interpretation of the listener, neither admitting or denying.

We protect them, by not telling them. This way of protecting is so part of our composition that its not a purposeful deceit, and its certainly not one that eats away at us. Its human. Its just a little bit of Eve and Adam perhaps.

But what if we had to play the game, and be completely honest. What if all the truths were laid out in front of us and we gave away our hearts.
Would good come of it? Would relationships be stronger? Would trust be more sincere? Would delayed heartache be limited? Would so much honesty lead to a sense of peace perhaps? Truly knowing where you stand. Or do the white lies, assumptions, hidden messages and agendas all contribute to a more well rounded, smoother and less disruptive existence.

I want the truth. I want to know the full story. I think most people say they do too. But sometimes, and at the risk of sounding all “A few good men” ish, perhaps we actually can’t handle the truth. Perhaps that’s why its so easy to tell half the story or swallow the white lie and believe what we want to believe. Its our protection. For an easier way to live.


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