My bucket list

I’ve been wanting to write my bucket list for some time. That carte blanche story about the Australian girl with the very awe-inspiring bucket list sort of reminded me and while hers will totally outshine mine (as I’m really not into starting an orphanage or bonding with an old person over a coffee), it did make me think that unless you write this stuff down, you’ll probably never do it.

I have a few places on my bucket list, but ticking off the top one shouldn’t mean the rest should fall away.

Last year when I visited Machu Picchu it was like a life long (well 10 year) dream come true. It was every bit as incredible as I imagined. Seeing the Rio Carnival parade was also something I always just dreamt of and did not expect for it to become a reality.

I’m planning the rest of the year, and when it comes to making some important choices (like whether to go to Thailand or Australia this December) I decided to write my list of wishes down. Its mostly about travelling (no prizes for guessing that), but also some food, exercise and.. a car thing or two.

Turns out neither Australia or Thailand (which I’ve already spent about 3 months in) feature. I think this is a growing list. One that will always be updated as I find out about new places and have new desires to achieve, see, conquer, experience.

  1. Learn to surf in a warm ocean destination
  2. Dive the Blue Hole
  3. Visit the Norwegian Fjords
  4. Walk the Great Wall of China
  5. Hail a yellow cab in NYC
  6. Go for a run (a run-walk) in central park
  7. Helicopter flip over the Grand Canyon
  8. Party like a rockstar in Las Vegas
  9. Self-Drive holiday in Kruger Park
  10. Do a handstand
  11. Do an unassisted pull-up
  12. Run a half marathon
  13. Eat at the Test Kitchen
  14. Lunch at La Colombe
  15. Drive a Porsche (preferably to Franschhoek for the day)
  16. Steal a BMW and drive straight through the glass of the showroom. Just kidding. Sorta.
  17. Choose, negotiate and buy my own car
  18. Visit the Taj Mahal
  19. Watch a ballet at the Royal Opera House in London
  20. See the Northern Lights
  21. Visit a tea plantation
  22. Do a coffee-tasting
  23. Sleep under the stars (sometimes known as camping)
  24. Go to Glastonbury festival
  25. Go to Afrikaburn
  26. Holiday in Bora Bora
  27. Spend a week in the Maldives
  28. Arrive at an airport and spontaneously get on the first flight that I can

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