The Big Overhaul

I’m overhauling my blog. By overhaul, I actually just mean I’m applying a new theme. I haven’t selected it yet, but its coming. And thankfully, it won’t be pink. I actually don’t even like pink. Although you’d never have guessed would you?

I’ll also be rewriting my ‘about’ section. Because lets be honest, its outdated and all kinds of wrong. 

You see, after I got married and moved back to Cape Town, I was all about the happy fun things. You know, the early days of marriage – where there were no life plans and nothing really counted. I was just thrilled to be back in the sunshine and close to friends and family again. In fact, marriage had little to do with “Becoming Mrs H” the blog. Becoming Mrs H was more just an excuse to drink, socialise, visit places and eat great food. 

5 years later, I’m still happy to be home. Cape Town still thrills me. But, the path of actually becoming mrs h, has taken on some bumpy and unexpected turns. (Now that we’re all sober and full of the food I mean.) 

It is still a journey, and I’m still on it. And while (mostly) I want to run away, and often I do, I’m growing up. And so is this blog – and blogging for me.

There have been some trying times, of which no one understands. Maybe because I don’t talk about it. Maybe because when I have, people gloss over. Maybe because I don’t think anyone cares enough to care. The truth is – if I’ve learnt one thing about life – there are a lot of us here doing this. And no experience or feeling is completely unique to ourselves. Even though we think it is. 

So I write. I write the shit in my head down. The shit I’m too afraid to say out loud. And maybe someone reads it and says ‘ah! I know that feeling’. And maybe they won’t feel as lonely as I have. And maybe noone reads it. But thats ok too – because I’m blogging for me anyway. 

And now and again I may still eat great food and have some awesome wine, or visit a nice hotel or go on an awesome holiday. And I’ll write that shit down too. Because everyone needs to be able to take a break from their life from time to time.

Its not running away. Its just breathing.


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