Who even am I?

Today, was a good day. It was a much better day. Problem is. I posted a blog post this morning that was so fuckin’ miserable, I don’t even recognise who wrote it.

That’s the truth about my life. Its a little bit of swings and roundabouts. Its a little bit of the happy-sad dance. And mostly, its colourful mood ring.

I re-wrote my ‘about’ section in an attempt to define what it that this blog is about. But I can’t let the one thing that defines my every mood and thought, consume me so entirely that it becomes my “about”.

I am more than that.
I am about all things that move me. All things that make me colourful. That make me crazy. That make the chaos.
I am part adventurous. I am part logical. I’m part artist, part accountant (quite literally: mom and dad). I am risk averse, with a passion for the risky and challenging. I push boundaries. I press buttons. I react to buttons pressed. I’m easily bored, and I crave serenity.
I hate the cold and winter and am happiest snowboarding (yes… in the actual cold snow). I’m ornithophobic. I’m myrmecophobic (and no, I can’t pronounce that).

I’m claustrophobic but I’m exhilarated by being 20m underwater.
I discover new things to love where I didn’t know there was still love left to give.

I cry in Greys. I’ve cried during Masterchef. I cry during wedding videos (even when I don’t know the people). I love lyrics. Music is everything.
I am awed by the world.


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