Live more

Live. More.

I was just browsing the 12 Apostles website (accidental click from twitter on a Friday afternoon.. as you do) and was specifically looking at the dinner and a movie thing they offer, something that I’ve actually been keen on doing for a long time. Years in fact. A couple of clicks later and I’m looking at winter deals and ‘wine-pairing’ evenings of restaurants that have been on my wish-list for some time. And the phrase, “Live More” popped into my head.

Like a mantra to myself. (One that isn’t “Do not freak out” – it made a nice change really).

Its also the pay-off line to the Entertainer. (seriously? I’m not that creative to come up with inspiring phrases on a Friday) A product that, feels a lot like Groupon, but without the rules and regulations and that people are a little less judgey about. Because, it does in fact, make you live more.

While people often try and remind me of how fortunate I am that we don’t have kids (if only they really knew) and that we have so much “freedom” – and while mostly both comments drive me to tears (and to wine) – sometimes I can see the wood for the trees and have to admit, that perhaps it is time to live more.

Cape Town has countless amazing restaurants, serving some of the best food in the country that can be paired with great local wines. And as it is one of  my top three places in the world that I am fortunate enough to live and work in, perhaps its time to ‘take advantage’ of my so-called ‘freedom’, release the pause button I’ve been suffering on, and start to live. More.


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