4 star lodge vs… 4 star lodge

4 star lodges

Karen wasn’t the first person to ask me this. And I’m still not entirely sure how to answer it.

On our recent (and amazing) holiday to the KZN bush, we stayed at two lodges for two days each. Mostly because I wanted to book the one, and Mark wanted to book the other. So instead of three days at one, we opted for 2 days at each.
Both are graded 4 stars, and both use the word ‘luxury‘ on their home page of their websites.
But Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge and Leopard Mountain Game Lodge couldn’t be further apart in experiences.

Meals, game drives and accommodation. A 4 star rating isn’t enough to choose a lodge when two lodges can be so uniquely different and can vastly appeal to different people. I still don’t know the answer for Karen. But… here’s a summary of both.

Part 1, is about two nights at Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge and Part 2, is about our stay (and not seeing a leopard but other cool stuff) at Leopard Mountain Game Lodge.


One thought on “4 star lodge vs… 4 star lodge

  1. Because luxury is personal….your luxury may be different to mine. And star grading really doesn’t mean much, because its about facilities, not about experience….choose a lodge because of the experience it delivers, an experience that speaks into what luxury is to you.

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