Running and the truth

**I wrote this a year ago on 23 June 2014, during my second last treatment. This is (part) of my story**

Everyone is running. And I’m not. I’m walking. And all I can feel is my enlarged ovaries giving me a cramp. I think. I’m not sure if they’re even enlarged. Or if the feeling is psychosomatic based on the fact that I’ve injected myself with about R15 000 on drugs. And I’m not even half way through the month.

It’s not like I’m even good at running. I’ve been trying to do it for 6 years and failing miserably at it, however running does make me happy. And now that I’m not allowed to do it because of just incase it hurts these ovaries, I really wish I could run.
Mostly I wish I could run through the next three weeks and see if it’s going to work.

Ivf. My second ivf.


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