The third time

A year ago today, we started our third, and last try at IVF.

I remember this because the news that we were all systems go hit us like a (shock) wave. We were still marginally hungover from the party we’d had the weekend before, so when Prof said my body was responding (must’ve been all that wine) – I’m not even sure I really heard him through the cottonwool in my ears.

The memory, like most of them, is a sad one to look back on. (The hangover of the same size that I’m sporting today doesn’t help). Its sad, because even on this third attempt at IVF, and after the 8 IUI’s before that, we really believed this was it. We always believe this is it.

When it wasn’t, in fact, it (again) – I truly believed that all would come crumbling down. And that ‘we’, as the ‘we’ we were – would not in fact make it at all. But here we are. And we’re still ‘we’. There is still only two of us (humans anyway), but like they say, its going to be ok.


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