Detox Day 4, and I’m so close I can almost taste it

And by it – I obviously mean the steak, the sushi, the croissant…. Or actually…

Its a funny thing having only consumed liquid for four full days. Last night, Mark and I discussed all the things we were looking forward to eating again. (A discussion we’ve never really had before. Ok except when we were leaving Thailand after 3 months of backpacking and I couldn’t face another pad-thai for a year. Seriously).

Him: Fish & Chips (something we rarely ever have). Me: That croissant. That one I deem my best meal I’ve ever had (granted it was on a monster 2 day-hangover but my memory of it was that it was amazing).

That croissant.

But the reality of our fantasy meals. Meh. At the risk of sounding like a converted hippy, and yes yes, I know I could’ve spent R1300 for an unlimited number of classes at SWITCH, but instead spent it on 5 days worth of juice – out of all the cravings for food that I had, I actually can’t imagine eating any of them on Friday. (This is equally terrifying as it is satisfying)

Look. I definitely don’t want to stay juicing. Let’s be serious. Have you seen my struggle this week? It hasn’t been pleasant.

But, where I was planning on booking a table at one of our favourite restaurants, and ordering wine, pasta, steaks and eating all the bread with all the butter, today the appeal is lost and instead I find myself thinking of a really healthy salad for dinner on Friday night (who even am I?). Perhaps that is the point of it all – to realise, your body doesn’t need what it thinks it does, and that your mind really controls it all.

A month at SWITCH probably would’ve landed me up with a flatter tummy, no doubt. But this little exercise has kick-started a desire for eating a lot healthier and has strengthened my mind and focus to be able to do it. There will still be indulgences, because we still have to enjoy living afterall, but it’ll be less about the emotional crutch or pure taking-it-too-far with food and drinks. Eat right and train hard (yet to actually start the training thing – don’t judge. You try drinking juices made of courgette, celery and avo, yes together, and see if you’re up for a Bikini Body Guide workout).


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