Detox day 5, and I’m a friggin hero

My own hero.  But that’s all that matters. I couldn’t be more impressed with myself than I am right now. I didn’t eat, chew, a single thing for the last 5 full days. I drank herbal teas and dishwater… Uh I mean hot water and lemon and drank nothing but liquid for five full days.

Slow that down.




Because trust me. Those were the longest five days of my life.

I’m basically bouncing off the walls. This is the latest I’ve stayed up all week. Perhaps it’s that energy I was promised from this juice detox. Perhaps it’s the excitement that tomorrow I eat solids.

There were moments in this week I never thought I’d make it. So, today I’d like to take a small moment for the contributors to my hero-making.

I’d like to thank my husband, who commented delightfully on Skype at every lunch time on the delicious ‘flavour’ of our 1pm juice (coupled, naturally, with that awesome vom Skype emoticon face) and who, when I asked if cheating and having a ‘small avo’ was copping out, gave me silent Skype treatment.This is like normal silent treatment, but just via Skype. Sometimes can be mistaken when someone also goes into a meeting. Clearly also a lot of our relationship happens via Skype. I’d rate Skype as the number one communication tool in marriages. He also proved by day 2, he was in fact already a hero, as he had no headache and loads of energy. Apparently this detox was for sissies.

My esteemed work colleagues who walked this dark walk with me. Except for when they sat around the table and ate croissants and drank milkshakes while I sipped water. Bitches.

My work-person, who asked me every day what today’s flavour was with genuine interest (going as far as to smell the courgette one and NOT make that Skype vom emoticon face in real life) and sat opposite me at lunch eating her delicious lunches while I sat drinking liquidised cucumber. She didn’t judge me if I smelt like cucumber. She encouraged me even. (She may have a thing for cucumber perhaps?)

But mostly, for the guy in the kitchen who said if I turned sideways he couldn’t see me anymore.

That. Made it all worth it. (I know he was lying because he followed it up by asking if I had actually been eating burgers on the side, but you know. I almost felt skinny)

So tomorrow I eat solids, and if I’m really honest (IF!? When am I not?) – I actually am nervous. I’m not entirely sure why I’m nervous. I’m 34 years old, chances are I’ve been eating solids for at least 33 years (never something you actually need to know about yourself.) But I’m apprehensive about it. I’m not craving anything particularly and as much as ‘they’ said I’d miss chewing. I haven’t. So mostly, I don’t even know what to have first. Its like your first day when you’re finished high school (after you get drunk). Freedom. But what do you do now?

So.. this said. It looks like its another juice for breakfast tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Detox day 5, and I’m a friggin hero

  1. Kim you are in my eyes a heroine of the highest order. The team at Juice Revolution salute you. The cucumbers send you a gracious bow. The carrots send a high five. The beetroot give you a double thumbs up. We know how hard it was to stay the course and you did it. What a warrior!

    You have a wonderful way with words, what a gift! I have loved reading your diary entries, been checking every so often today to see if you last post was in as I couldn’t wait to read it. Thank you for articulating your journey for us, I think anyone who has ever undertaken a juice cleanse will relate. And I reckon you will inspire many who are contemplating taking the plunge into juice-dom.

    Enjoy your day tomorrow as you rediscover the joy of ending a genuine hunger with awesome, wholesome, nutritious food.

    Onwards and upwards, here’s to the juice!

    x Fiona
    Juice Revolution

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