September was busy

(From September 2015. One of those pending drafts I may have mentioned. Just published). 

September 1st and Spring day was spent in the rain, on the third day of a 2 day Summer TV shoot in Robertson. You know, Robertson. The place in the winelands that is always hot. Except when you’re shooting your Summer TV ad. Then it rains. And is muddy. Muddy and cold.

The chaos at the end of August, spilled into the start of September. By chaos I just mean work really, and lots of it as we tried to roll out a summer campaign in minimal time.

But I did this.

This is a (local) celeb. His names is Maps, and don’t worry – I didn’t know who he was either until this year. I got to hang with him in the rain in Robertson.

Two days back in the office, and I was off again. Weekend away to Kogelberg Nature Reserve. I only booked that about 6 months in advance. This isn’t even one of those large exagerrations, promise. I really did (its popular like that. Its also worth the advance booking).

The timing of a weekend away was crap with everything at work… but perfect with some actual Spring weather.

We wine-tasted. (And took tipsy selfies)
We hiked. Walked. Ok we walked. (And took top of the world moments that failed)

We slept. And we read. And we drank some more.

In September we also had breakfast with friends, we entertained guests from the UK, we visited newborns (well, I did), we attended babyshowers (again, all me actually). We drank some more wine, because for every action (gym session) there’s a reaction (glass of wine) so that the universe is in balance.

And then this happenend.

What the actual F!!!

So I checked it again. Three times.

Just me, or is that little line getting darker?


Do not freak out! Do not freak out!

And while I toyed with trying not to freak out, going to get a blood test and working out how on earth this actually happened (without a biology lesson) after 5 years of it never happening (not even once), I remembered to sms a friend on his birthday and found the last message he sent me.

Never a truer word spoken.

(I also believe he may have misused the word intuition. But I’m not judging right now).


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