The red pill and the blue pill

I haven’t seen the Matrix. (I know, I know). But in the past week the red pill and the blue pill has been referenced in two other series I watch and it got me thinking.

Life. The red pill. The adventure.

The blue. The safe option.

Recently someone made me think about which pill it is that I always take. (They were definitely hinting that it was blue. They’re direct like that).

My gut said it wasn’t. My gut didn’t want to believe that I was a blue pill person. My gut thinks I’m a red pill person. That I take risks. That I have a seeking spirit.  But clearly, these days my actions are telling people a different story to what my gut is telling me. Logical. Calculated. Risk-free.

Timeously, I also watched a tedtalk about making hard decisions (its worth watching, even if you think you’ve got all your shit together). It spoke about being the drifter. One who lets life happen to them, as opposed to making life happen. One who lets those in their life decide what and where to next.

I don’t want to be a drifter.

I don’t want to be the person who talks about going overseas, moving houses. Leaving their job, their boyfriend, their city. I don’t want to be the person who talks about starting a diet, about the sixpack they’ll one day have, the mammogram they’ll one day get. I want to be the person who books the damn flight.

And so I did.

After credit carding hundreds of thousands of rands to doctors over the past few years (and seriously, if you want to be rich in your next life – be a fertility doctor. Be a fertility scientist. Hell, be the fridge that houses the embryo for 6 days!) – I decided to credit card what I really wanted.

An epic trip I’ve been waiting 7 years for.

I’m going to the Maldives!

I’m also going to Sri Lanka, and as much as this part may seem less impressive than the Maldives – I’m equally excited about it. There will be surfing. There will be hiking. There will be waterfalls, beaches, yoga and God-willing, there will be a leopard sighting. There will be two weeks of backpacking, adventure-seeking, thrilling, risk-taking story making.

And then there’ll be one week of bliss.

The view from my blissed-out home in January. Not crap.
The view from my blissed-out home in January. Not crap.

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