Highlights of 2015

  • Being a bridesmaid! To someone very special
  • Visiting London again after 5 years. Seeing old familiar faces and places, and new ones
  • Snowboarding, and being (somewhat) more fearless than I ever was before. Being in love with the sport
  • A birthday surprise flight in a 1978 2 seater plane to Cape Point. And loops and flips that made me almost vomit. I still can’t quite be sure why I agreed to the flips. But I’m glad I did.
  • A KZN holiday to the bush. The highlight of this trip was the look on my husbands face (and the moment I realised the bush was his happy place!). Learning new things about a man you’ve spent almost 15 years with is priceless
  • A juice detox that I’ve spoken a lot about but never thought I’d do. Completing it was the highlight
  • a weekend off the grid
  • a visit from the bride (see highlight 1), her baby shower, and just a general hangout in our garden
  • a miracle pregnancy
  • a night on table mountain
  • a 7th wedding anniversary of an amazing meal, at a top restaurant and a surprise gift that took my breath away!

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