Being pregnant 

– 9 October 2015

You don’t feel pregnant, but… like my colleague said ‘the baby can’t just evaporate’, so it must still be in there. I guess. I mean, she has a point. She is smart like that.

Being pregnant is bizarre. Especially as I’ve spent more time not being pregnant, or trying to be pregnant, than I have actually ‘being pregnant’. There are some challenges. Like – EVERYTHING. I have NO idea what you’re supposed to do while you’re pregnant. Or not do. For someone who spent 5 years trying and too much money on the attempts, you’d think I would’ve given some research into what to actually expect after bingo! Double pink line and all.
But I didn’t. I fixated on the prize (the pink lines) and not on the 9 months ahead of that.

Lets start with google. The past week of google searches have included:
Are olives ok to eat while pregnant
Feta while early pregnant
Is salmon ok while pregnant
How much weight gain during early pregnancy
Pounds = kgs
How bad is coffee while pregnant
How much is in one espresso in mg of caffeine (I’m not that great with my google queries)
Pregnancy excerise
Is it safe to do plank while pregnant
Rock shandy while pregnant
How much alcohol in bitters
Is bitters bad while pregnant (have decided it is, as it has a lot of alcohol)
Feels like a stitch early pregnant
Stomach pains like hunger while pregnant
What does morning sickness feel like

This is my life now. I question every moment and wonder if it’s directly related to the apple seed sized human being forming in my tummy.

I’m 4 days away from my first real scan. I’m both nervous and scared. I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around this.

Maybe by Tuesday I would’ve.


One thought on “Being pregnant 

  1. Oooh. How exciting for you 😉 and I so remember that phase where you have no idea how the baby inside you is doing until you see it in each scan … it was always most terrifying in the week before each scan. But, try to enjoy it as much as you can 😀

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