My baby waved at me today!

13 November 2015

*my = our
*me = us
(Its like our wedding all over again. Girls need to train their mouths to call it ‘our’ wedding and not ‘my’ wedding.)

Our baby. Our baby waved at US.
That is all there is to this post. Nothing more. Well, just that it really was THE MOST AMAZING thing ever in the world.

Well, up there with being on top of the world at Machu Pichu, snowboarding in the Alps and diving the Similan islands. I refuse to say that this is the best thing in the world ever ever. I will not be one of those people. I will say it was awesome, but a lot of things are awesome.

It is the same as those awesome things, but different. Mostly without the altitude sickness or the risk of death.

Actually, it was fucking weird. There’s like a real creature growing inside of me. I can’t feel it. I can’t even see it (hmm.. ok maybe a little – my pants seem a little tight. Like I ate a big pasta). But there it is… waving. Kicking a leg. Saying howz’t. (It doesn’t atually say howzit at all. It probably didn’t even know it was on screen. Lets not give baby Hawkins too much credit until we know who it inherited its intelligence from shall we?).

Oh you know, I’m just growing a human. What are you doing?


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