Yes, I did a Maternity Shoot

When you spend 5 years on the sidelines of life, praying for the day that you too may be able to relish in the joys of falling pregnant – you can’t help but think about the things you’ll do, or won’t do, during your 9 months if it ever arrives.

Upload ultrasound pics to facebook – no chance.
Cheesy (or very creative) way to announce that you’re expecting – absolutely.
Status updates that include bump pictures showing the growth of my belly to everyone I have ever encountered and is now my fb buddy – preferably not.
Not moan, still socialise, wear heels, not lose focus on my career, not pig out on chocolates, eat sensibly, exercise – yes yes, all of the above.

So, being pregnant hasn’t really gone according to my preconceived ideas. I’ve gained weight, eaten an insane amount of chocolate, and the reality is – every day I moan… to anyone who will listen.

But, while I may be all aches and pains and what am I going to wear today – this is our miracle pregnancy, and while it has also thrown all sorts of unexpected curve balls at us, we may only get to do it once! So I want to do EVERYTHING to remember it and to be present in it.

With this thought, documenting it was, and has been, important to us. The weekly bump picture (not shared anywhere as mostly taken in my knickers) is the most I actually managed (keeping a diary just didn’t happen). I also figured I’d do preggie bellies, but I still haven’t started that. And with two weeks to go – it is unlikely.

But one thing I knew I wanted to do was a Maternity photo shoot.

Ok, not this kind of maternity shoot.

Drapes. WHY?
Or this kind of shoot.

Too much naked.Too much studio. Too much black and white. WHY?
So basically, I just wanted some photos  where I happen to be pregnant and not in a wedding dress. Not that I was ever pregnant AND in a wedding dress. (Calm down mom!) But the last set of photos we had together – I was a) skinny AF b) in a white dress and c) it was our wedding day.

A maternity shoot may be cheesy, (see above), and may be costly (hello money-making market of having a baby – similar to weddings, but different) but while I didn’t upload any of those 4D scan type pics to fb, and only really sent them to people when asked – something about being able to capture a moment of baby inside, before baby is outside – always appealed to me.

Finding a photographer isn’t difficult – there are so many in Cape Town who do ‘couple shoots’ – deciding between them is the challenge, as the prices and quality can vary. As do the styles.

I was making no progress and running out of available weekends before I was too huge to fit into anything (current state!) and then it was decided for us. We won an Instagram competition (simply like, comment and tag a friend) from my brother-in-law and his wife’s wedding photographer – Maree at Natural Light Photography. A unique opportunity to be photographed in film (really, who film photos these days? Its an art!) and as a prize – meaning without needing to choose between it, and the baby monitor (which I still haven’t bought!)

While we felt as awkward as we did on our wedding day – with whispers between us of “What are we supposed to be doing?” – the photos are a beautiful reminder that we have a real baby human on its way. One that is all miracle and all timing. While there is a lot to moan about during pregnancy – the photos will always be a reminder of everything we’ve been through. All the tears, all the joys, the entire journey to this point. That we made it, despite never thinking we would. Knowing our life is about to change, after accepting that it wouldn’t.

And as cheesy as maternity pics may be – this time in our life was totally worth capturing.

Maternity shoot.jpg

So while I didn’t wear a grecian dress with a flower crown, and half way through realised that I look like I need the loo the way I keep holding the bottom of my bump so changed into a colour blocked tight dress, which wasn’t entirely thought through given I’m no Chrissy Teigan, and unless you are – you shouldn’t be in tight anything of colour when you’re pregnant – it is what it is. Indie played her part in the pics – mostly running around looking for squirrels.

And thanks to Maree, we have these pics to be grateful for.


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