Updated in June 2015
I’m Kim. I’m 34, and I’ve been Mrs H for 6 and a half years.
(Which is long. Super long really. But as my mom keeps telling me, its nothing compared to the 40 something years she’s been Mrs VDG. So I shush it.)

I blog for me. Mostly anyway.

Becoming Mrs H is about a journey, its just not as simple as it once was. My journey has changed. I have changed.
Sometimes I write about it. Sometimes I go silent. Sometimes I write blog posts (which double as letters to individuals) that will remain unpublished forever.

This blog has always been an excuse to eat fancy foods and drink the best wines (with great intentions to ‘blog about it’). Its travel advice, reviews and (be jealous) pictures. Its snippets of ideas, its nostalgic.
Its also a place to reflect. To calm myself. To be.
It can also be really rather dry in humour. Be warned.

This is my journey. As honest as it can be. This is my about – updated.



Nothing says MRS quite like a very unassuming letter from Clicks Clubcard announcing the double points offer in store with attached cash back voucher of R11.82. I’ve opened bank accounts, I’ve changed my passport and my ID book, I even happily sign my name with my new signature whenever needed, but this letter really announced it for me.

Its not really about being married – I love being married. I relished the engagement, wedding day, honeymoon period, and I don’t feel any different from before really. It’s being a MRS. That’s like… my mother, or worse still – my mother-in-law, now that I share her surname!

So instead of claiming it outright… I’m journeying towards the title. Really, it’s also just an excuse to taste food, drink wine, and live the cape townian dream! Just over 6 years (although my husband constantly claims it was seven years of our life!) in London, and we’re back to a whole new and inspired South Africa. Why did it take us so long to return, well now that we’re back we’re not too sure. I love being back, and I’m falling in love with my new city. Watch me.. as I become Mrs H!

(Sounds like a cheesy preface to a chick lit you’re about to read. This probably is going to be a chick lit you’re about to read)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. “It’s being a MRS. That’s like… my mother, or worse still – my mother-in-law, now that I share her surname!” – I love this. And it’s so true! Happy to have found your blog 🙂

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